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A/B Testing tools of 2018

15 September 2017

A/B Testing is a useful tool that can improve the numbers & adoption of a product. It can be used to boost the landing page conversion rate and more importantly to improve the overall User Experience of the product by adding/removing features or simplifying the design. Jason Fried’s known for A/B Testing of Basecamp advises “to test radically different things. We don’t know what works. Destroy all assumptions. We need to find what works and keep iterating—keep learning.”

Several A/B Testing tools exists in the market, I believe the following two tools will distinguish themself in 2018.

Google Optimize

Google Optimize as described by Sean McQuaide is “an A/B testing and personalization tool that uses Google Analytics data to power your CRO efforts. Obviously A/B testing is nothing new, neither is serving personalized content based on customer behavior. The true progress here is how Google Optimize pairs with Google Analytics, and how easily we can tie our experiments to KPIs in Google Analytics.” Source

Google Optimize advantages

Google Optimize drawbacks

However Google offers a premium feature, Google Optimize 360, if you need those features.



If you’re running your Landing page on a static site generator framework, if not then you might consider it, chances you’ve heard of Netlify, a tool that “has everything you need to make a high performance site or web-app. You just push your code” Tom Preston-Werner, Founder of GitHub & Creator of Jekyll.

Netlify Advantages

Netlify Disadvantages


Best practices

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