Ismail Mechbal

The real origin of the increase of far-right movement in Sweden (and elsewhere)

12 October 2018

A recent study has shown that the rise of the right in Sweden was before the wave of immigrants, as a matter of fact, the main cause is the reaction of the people who were cast aside by the abandonment of the social democratic policies as the government, including the social democratic (so called left), began to move towards the so-called austerity programs where the mass of the population have been left out and which only benefit the rich or the elites as they’re called. The severe consequence of course is the masses voting for the nationalist xenophobic party which has started before the wave of immigrants, whom, ironically, once they came in, only served as a convenient scapegoat.

The same study has been made in Finland and showed the same rise of the right-wing parties however with almost no immigration.

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